“That’s Osteoporosis”: October 20 Marks World Osteoporosis Day

OSTEOproSPINE is raising awareness for better bone health

World Osteoporosis Day (WOD), marked on October 20, is an annually recurring campaign aiming to raise global awareness for preventing, diagnosing and treating osteoporosis and related degenerative bone diseases. Osteoporosis is on the rise worldwide. Due to demographic change, bone degenerating diseases have a growing societal and financial impact on industrialised nations. In 2020, fractures related to this silent disease are already affecting one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50. This equals one osteoporotic fracture every three seconds. The WOD strives to make healthy bones and fracture prevention a global health priority.

The most common osteoporotic fracture sites are the wrist, shoulder and hip. Many osteoporosis patients are also at risk for spinal compression fractures that can deform the vertebral body. A loss of body height often is the first symptom. In later stages, osteoporotic spine fractures cause low back pain at various levels, which frequently results in adverse lifestyle changes for patients. A long-term treatment solution for degenerative spine disorders through a personalised bone implant – the ultimate goal of the OSTEOproSPINE project – is therefore also a chance for osteoporosis patients to be able to return to a better live.

This year’s campaign slogan “That’s osteoporosis” puts a spotlight on the emotional impact of osteoporosis and wants to highlight stories of people living with fragility fractures all over the world. The campaign emphasizes the life-changing, debilitating impact of fractured bones for patients in terms of pain and lost independence, while also focusing on the burden of osteoporosis for family caregivers. We are proud to be ambassadors for change on World Osteoporosis Day for patients affected by degenerative bone diseases. Learn more about the World Osteoporosis Day on Twitter under the hashtag #WorldOsteoporosisDay.