Successful completion of patient recruitment into the clinical trial

Successful completion of major milestone

In June 2021, the OSTEOproSPINE consortium achieved a major milestone by finalizing the recruitment of patients into the Clinical Trial Phase II on posterolateral fusion due to degenerative disc disease. Despite the hurdles and delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project partners led by three university hospitals in Austria managed to overcome those obstacles and finalize one of the most challenging tasks of the project. Altogether 143 patients have been enrolled and treated, as per study protocol.

With the successful completion of this crucial milestone, the project will now continue with patient follow-up procedures, completion of data collection and preparations for the next stage of the clinical development. The OSTEOproSPINE consortium will, hopefully, be able to reflect and celebrate their achievement jointly in the scope of the upcoming 4th Progress Meeting in October 2021 that will be held as an on-line conference.

Congratulations to all the partners who worked hard during these challenging times and made this great achievement possible.