OSTEOproSPINE partners gather online for their Final Meeting

After a successful face to face meeting in Dubrovnik in the late fall of 2022, the OSTEOproSPINE consortium came together virtually for a final consortium meeting on 13 June 2023. The partners met online to discuss the sustainability of the project, final tasks, set-up the final reporting and make sure all lose ends are met until the end of the project on June 30.

Despite the busy schedules of the members, each partner was able to participate in the meeting, present their work in recent months and discuss the final steps in OSTEOproSPINE. The Coordinator and Genera also informed and discussed with the partners what will be done after the project end to ensure a sustainable use of the project results.

It was a successful meeting with fruitful discussions and in the end, everyone was leaving both happy and a little bit sad, knowing that the project will be over only two weeks after the meeting. Some of the partners have been collaborating in BMP6-research now since the FP7 project OSTEOGROW already which is almost 7 years of successful teamwork!