Setting new pathways for the innovation in spinal surgery for the benefits of patients and healthcare systems in the EU

University of Zagreb School of Medicine

University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) is the oldest educational institution for medical training and research in South-East Europe. It has a long tradition in education of medical doctors, as well as in research and clinical practice, and is an internationally recognized academic institution devoted to excellence in education, scientific research and transfer of knowledge in the area of biomedicine and health care. The Centre for Translational and Clinical Research established within the UZSM with the goal to bridge the gap between basic and clinical research and translating the knowledge among researchers based in academia and clinics, is fully equipped for biomedical studies including: genomics, proteomics, animal facility, histology, histomorphometry, cell biology, microbiology, including protein expression and purification, but also provides support to scientists and clinicians in joint translational and clinical project proposal preparation, project management and IP protection and commercialization.

The UZSM team members, Slobodan Vukicevic (coordinator), Lovorka Grgurevic, Smiljka Vikic-Topic, Mihaela Peric, Donatella Verbanac, Ivancica Bastalic, Jadranka Bubic Spoljar, Lucija Kucko, Igor Erjavec, Martina Pauk, Rudjer Novak, Vera Kufner, Djurdja Car, Mirjana Marija Renic, Sanja Pehar are scientists and experts in different sectors dealing with drug discovery, translational research, bone physiology and pathology with expertise in in vitro and in vivo models for characterizing BMP function and efficacy and have the capacity to execute outstanding research and to translate it to therapy for patients what was best demonstrated by previous successful clinical trials. Prof. Vukicevic is a leading scientist in the field with longstanding experience in the implementation and management of regional, national and international multidisciplinary grants, including EU grants, both as a partner and as a coordinator. Prof. Grgurevic is the main inventor of discoveries leading to the development and clinical testing of the novel autologous bone graft to substitute for the use of bone from the patient’s own iliac crest. The need for bone grafts in Europe and US exceeds 6 million annually.

Staff members involved